Teethless & Womanless- Tales of a Woman Scorned

This has to be the most random story ever heard in the history of couples breaking up! LOL Well, this tale of a a woman’s scorned takes place in Poland. The ex-GF is a dental assistant and the boyfriend broke up with her for another woman. So this nut goes in for some dental work a few days after breaking up with her. How slow can you be to think that it might turn out well? Was this a better way for payback instead of being on the TV show “Snapped” ? She doped him on much novocaine, snatched every tooth that formed in his mouth out, and sent him up the road with a mouth full of gauze. WOW! Wonder how his new lady felt about his new smile?!? She left his toothless self and hit the pavement on his ass! Do you think anyone is going to want him now looking like a toothless baby?

Here is the article link: http://now.msn.com/now/0428-dentist-revenge.aspx

What do you all think, was this too much for a woman scorned? Would you think about doing this to man if he left you? Furthermore, would you let this toothless baby kiss on you?

Let me know your thoughts 🙂 LOL

Peace & Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick 🙂

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