Taken for Granted

Hello to All of my Random People today! 🙂

This post is for someone who i have taken for granted-my Mom. I always thought i was the more responsible child out the bunch, but now after  the smoke has cleared in respect to my selfish phase dealing with my mother, I am trying to make up for it. She has tried to live with me several times and i gave her a firm “No”. I felt like she needed a organization to care for her while I also lived my own life. I feel so wrong now for that.

My mom is so young, but yet she is so sick.  Truthfully, I didn’t know, or cared at the beginning about the severity of her situation. She is a dialysis patient who  dialyzes three times a week to stay alive and she has COPD, a lung disease caused by smoking, so I have been told.According to doctors, she is in her last stages of life in dealing with catheters for dialysis to live. This is the scary part for me now which makes it so unpredictable. At this point, her life is based on how long this catheter in her liver survives and continues to do its job. The doctors say eventually it will fail and there are no more options. Even hearing this so bluntly put to me by a doctor was just heartbreaking to hear. I need her and want her here.  I want her to see my most important day, graduation, to be even more proud of me.

I have clearly taken my mom for granted, so this is just an example of how you should be there for your parents and show them that you truly love them.

Has anyone dealt with, or is dealing with a sick parent? Or even experience death with a sick parent? Let me know your thoughts and feelings!

Peace & Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

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