The Struggle of Women to Continue the “Cuteness”

This post of course is from a woman’s point of view in regards to “keeping yourself up” for your man.

I wish people could understand that It’s a struggle for women to play “super woman” . If she is married or in a serious relationship, she has to take care of the kids, take care of home, and her man all the while wearing the latest fashion and super 5-6 inches heels. Really?!?! Is this logical? Is this the reality of society? Geez, were backwards in the head. First, I applaud the women who can wear the heels, chase after a 3 year old, carry an arm baby, and a diaper bag, etc. I’m sorry, I’m a “flats” type chick… That’s more economical and logical at that moment for me. Furthermore, my biology teacher at my university once told me that wearing heels 24/7 causes foot problem… And honey I have enough already… 🙂

It’s amazing all the things women have to do to keep their man. Some women may get comfortable, stop dressing up, and gain 100 of pounds… And just don’t care. However, for some women it may be a financial issue, or that she is trying to handle the basic roles and ideas of life. I would hate to see a women looking extra cute for her man with the up to date fashions and then you look to your right and see her kids looking “busted”. Yes! “busted” is correct! 🙂

Can I get the controversy started…men how do you feel about women continuing to look cute versus just “letting themselves go”? Women do you feel like the standard is set too high?

Let me know your thoughts and as always “Like” me on FB 🙂

Peace & Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick 🙂

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