Taking Back Control Over Your Body

Hello Random People,
This post today is about taking back control over your body. This can be for men, or women, but of course since I’m female, I can only truly speak for my own gender.
What initially prompted my thoughts of writing about this in the first place was because a co-worker shared a Christian online ministry of audio works of Dr. Tony Evans, personal experiences of my own and others, and my hunger to live as my God intended for me to live. Although I’m only on my second audio listening, I have a hunger to hear his thoughts and Bible scriptures about how sex is addressed in today’s society and to simply speak about what’s on my heart as well.

Now, most of us, men and women, have partake or is still partaking in promiscuous behavior. My advice if you want to invite those things in your life: keep it as a “phase” in life. I have honestly dabbled my hands in it before and everything that looks good isn’t always good for you. Truth spoken! 🙂 As you grow into a much more mature person, you come to understand that you have taken something spiritually from each person you have been with sexually- usually bad, I think, unless you’re planning to make this person your husband or wife. If not, you have to take back your body. Besides spiritually, you’re taking things as you were doing single, or in a relationship to your next relationship. I will use my self as an example, due to the changes I went through in my past relationship, I have found myself to be scarred by it in respect to the idea of trust. In my opinion, the more you’re dealing with people who aren’t husband and wife material, the more scarred and bruised you become like a earthquake destroying one individual city 2-3times consecutively. You spiritually become broken down and robbed of self-worth.

Also, know that if you’re in a new relationship or old one, you have control over your body. You have a choice to wait or never have sex again-until you’re married, if you choose. No one has that right to tell, or force you to do anything other than what you ALLOW them to do.

Make a change if you’re ready and take back control of your physical & spiritual body. Let’s make a solid change together.

You know I love thoughts, so tell me what you think about this post! As always, “LIKE” me on Facebook!

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

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