Be Confident in Your Skin Without Changing your Complexion

Hello to All my Random People,

Today’s blog is about this Rihanna photo cover on the Vogue magazine cover… I mean, something is up. This has been a trend since i have known it to be a trend. Beyonce has been a repeat offender of this act as well. There are  two possibilities present: Either Ms. RiRi hates the skin she was born in, or Vogue is behind this.

It just becomes a time when you have to stand-up for what you believe in. Or maybe all the offenders don’t believe in anything.  She is in America, of all places ,which  is notoriously known for being racist and prejudice in the past, present, and might as well say future….. but you dont say anything to the photographer who is editing your photo to be a more” paler” woman on this cover? I sometimes feel like a tiny part of the people who participated  with action in the  Civil Rights  movement was in vain, especially when you dont speak up , or decide to use “whitening cream” to lighten your skin. Who invented that crap anyway??(Rhetorical question 😉 ) What was there fight for back in the day? Equality- which if “Vogue” or any other cover was equal, they would let this “Caribbean/African” woman grace the cover in a natural hairstyle instead of blonde and with clothes to accentuate and compliment her beautiful skin tone and stand for the “Black Power” that her ancestors fought for long ago, just to name a few.


Do you agree with the paler skin just to get notoriety in the public eye? I love your thoughts, so write on!

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Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

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