The Good ole’ American Flag and Freedom

Dear Random People,

You know usually i wouldnt be as happy to celebrate…wait that’s too strong of a word..simply partake sounds better to my ears…Now as i was saying, usually i wouldnt be as happy to partake in the July 4th festivities, but this year feels different. You ask how different, eh? Well, this year is the election year. I have the choice to vote or go “Jehovah Witness style” and just not vote at all. Does anything really change, anyway? Plus, I’m growing older and feeling the urgency to understand the laws of the land now even more. You wont be saw as a fool if you know the law,  your word choice, and how you articulate your thoughts when the time is right and needed.

As i visit all the HIStory teachings from myASU (HBCU) in my mind, i have to wonder, are we really free, or are we still as slavish just  as those “Adidas Shackle Shoes’? The better reason for attending an HBCU is at least you will get some fresh perspectives on what really happened instead of the narrow history that has been taught as a brainwashing mechanism to keep us under the influence of ignorance.

As close friend of mine said, ” these rules are made for those who created them to break them.” Sounds about right to me, wouldn’t you say?


You know i love thoughts, so spread your intelligence so we all can have a share! 🙂

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

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