Getting her “healthy” Back

Gaining weight has gone up for several Americans over the past decade, while being healthy has been less important.  Not until recently has there been a consistent boom of hardcore workout training DVD’s and “diets” to help you obtain that ideal weight. Robin Allman, a photographer and co-director of We Care Academy which is a non-profit organization to keep the arts in the schools in Georgia, never really had a start date to lose weight, but just visited the thought, or “dream” of being in the single size digits all the time. She began at 220lbs and now is 156lbs. Her goal weight is 145lbs.

“I would have a day or two of healthy eating and then I would find myself slipping back into old habits.  It wasn’t until a good friend of mine took charge of her own weight loss and we began working out together and I learned what being healthy really was. I never had a serious reason to lose weight.” Allman admits that it was for vanity at the beginning of her weight loss journey and finds she is unhappy if she doesn’t exercise at least 5-6 times a week.  According to, Endorphins are the happy hormones released when a person exercises, or any other exercise that gets your body moving. Would the world be happier if everyone exercised then?

Many people are now finding a buddy as support to help each other stay active and pay attention to what each person is eating. However, Allman says her biggest supporter was herself.  “Honestly a lot of people will say they want to work out with you and encourage you but you are your own enemy and supporter at the same time. I wanted it so bad. When you really want something it’s a piece of cake…pun intended.” She likes to keep in mind that after being consistent with being healthy, you begin to motivate yourself in ways you never thought you could.

Allman says her eating habits have changed drastically over the years as she got into shape and shed pounds. She admits that you learn a lot about your body and its composition.  “Everyone is so different, what works for me may not work for others. I learned that the caloric intake I was on was completely unnecessary; a lot of people eat for no reason. I learned to eat to live, not to live to eat.” She asks the question: “Eating should be like fuel, if you have a full tank of gas, why are you at the gas station!?”

People have pulled new diets out of thin air with hopes of it being the new “it” diet and working. She believes that they all work to an extent, but that she highly dislikes the “no carb” diets. “Bread is not your best friend but it’s hardly your enemy, says Allman.”  She believes it is important to eat as close to earth as possible. Her advice: “I stick to whole 100% grains and no bleach fillers or “white bread”. Also sugars are a horrible thing…but at the same time, people need to know no matter how much you exercise and burn that you are entitled to a little something every now and then, enjoy life in moderation.”

Allman has recently participated in a Marine style exercise training event called “Tough Mudder” and she does 5k’s too to stay active. She says she does take natural supplements to just give her that extra boost. She states, “I have had my curiosity with others, I didn’t have a bad reaction but none the less, I don’t care for them when I know I can get the same effect through a strict vitamin regimen with zero negative effects on my body.” Her typical breakfast is whole eggs scrambles, fruit, and avocado. Robin Allman’s parting words to those who are struggling to lose the weight and be healthy are: “It’s not easy but it’s also not impossible…and it’s just food!!!!!! You can live a better life with a better variety of food.”


After  Hard work and Persistence

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