Why Do You Want Marriage?

Hello to All my Random People,

My blog post today is about marriage. As little girls we have been conditioned to WANT to be married and it often helps when we have parents or grandparents who we can mirror as we prepare ourselves if we want that traditional lifestyle.

Personally, I dreamed of being married, having a wedding, and then the children since i was in fourth grade- sometimes things go out of that order and you have to accept it. Doesnt make you any less of a person, you just chose that lifestyle. I knew automatically what i wanted-it seemed perfect to me having a young dream. Things definitely didnt go as planned. I now more than ever want marriage without settling more than ever.

Unfortunately, I didnt have that healthy marriage to mirror from for my life now. Yes, my little “Beans” were made out of love, but also out of wedlock. I want the marriage my mom never had with my father and a good marriage she should have had starting over with my step-father. I want to be able to show my “Beans” that happiness, love, affection, honesty, integrity, and trust exist in relationship and marriages. I could never want marriage and a wedding for shallow purposes. I want something as authentic and organic as its going to get for myself.  I have had my struggles growing up and have already broken many curses and patterns in my life….a loving and successful marriage is my next step. Stay tuned….  🙂

Why is marriage important to you? Has your life experiences shaped your reasoning for marriage in the future?

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

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