Tameka vs. Usher: Battle of the Babies

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The custody battle has heated to all time high with Tameka and Usher Raymond.  Has anyone else kept themselves abreast of whats been going on? I just read  the most recent article on Atlanta Black Star today . Apparently, they both had an agreement to co-parent both of their children and Usher has said it just hasnt been working for him. He also went so far as to call Tameka a bad mother.  Seems really low, right? Looking at it from 3 point of views here…his, hers, and the children. When i think about their custody battle,  its like any other regular person’s custody battle, besides the fact that most custody battles favor the mother.  This custody battle may favor Usher to have sole custody as asked by Usher recently. I mean, let’s be real. Sometimes the system does work in a woman’s favor. It can be right, and some times its just plain wrong. Doesnt sound so fair and balance, right?

At this point Usher is doing what any “mother” who is probably hurt and still has scars would do. Go as low as possible and say how unfit the other parent is being. While you have, Tameka over in the other corner, sometimes like father’s are, just trying to hang on to the kids that she has left while trying to stay emotionally strong for them(We all know she just lost a child).  This is an example for everyone out there as well to get insight on how men feel when we, as women, go for the cajones and rip our kids away from their fathers. Especially if they are somewhat doing their part.  Its so easy to point the finger and try to hurt the person you was once in love with, but one thing we as parents must realize….your hurting your kids more than youre hurting the other parent.

It’s always easy after a break-up or divorce to listen to what your girlfriends, male buddies, or family has to say after evaluating your relationship with the other person. I say, go with your heart and do what you can for the kids sake.

I do believe that extensive counseling should be given to couples and married couples who have had children together. They would benefit from a program that would teach them about co-parenting and being respectful to each other after a break-up or divorce. Its not always going to be easy being the bigger person, but its better to get the bigger reward in the end….seeing your kids happy from both parents loving them without stress.

Here’s the article link…..  http://atlantablackstar.com/2012/08/17/usher-and-tameka-fosters-lawyers-make-closing-arguments-in-custody-battle/


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