Good Guy Vs Bad Guy (Part 1) (Meet the Bad Guy Bishop)

great short story, cant wait for the ending! Good Job

Coffee Brown Brother

Nicole is your everyday hard working woman. She is 24 years old fresh out of college with a Bachelors degree in nursing. Nicole has always been the type of young woman to work hard for her dreams and now that she has graduated college with very little dating after the break up with her high school sweetheart she has now decided to think about working towards a family. She decides to go out with a few girlfriends looking to have a couple of drinks. After a few drinks Nicole and her friends began to get on the dance floor. They have this way of communicating to each other when an unattractive guy walks behind one of them looking to dance. Nicole and her friends danced, sung along with the music, and laughed as they turned down numerous guys that approached them looking to dance. One guy approached Nicole and began…

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