On My Natural-Organic-Holistic thing….

Hello Random People,

So, just in a matter of a week, i have come down with puffy eyelids (It makes me look even more Asian, which isnt a terrible thing if didnt look like i had fluid retention all in my face), congested nose, a dime-sized risin bump under my arm, and now tonight, an ear infection.

When i tell you that I’m uncomfortable, Im most certainly that times 10.  I did medicate on Benadryl though, but to my dismay, that medicated sleep didnt last long….as Im up posting on this blog now. 😉

Well…in the morning i plan to take a more natural approach to healing myself of all these ailments instead of paying a co-pay somewhere and medicating even more.

For my puffy eyelids…I have been using eye drops and cold compresses, which seems temporary, so i will need to find another approach.

For my congested nose…. I have a humidifier and Breathe Right nose strips… and if that doesnt work…. i read to sniff the aroma of coffee, which will open my nose.

For the risin (which is there to let you know “hey you’re sick, you have an infection trying to get out”)…. I have already gotten that sterilized, lanced, and treated by “le boyfriend” of whom got some black powder substance ,mixed with some Aloe Vera gel from my plant,from his mother, that apparently has some healing properties that Seventh Day Adventists swear by… hopefully it works because my arm now hurts.

For my ear infection…. I read an online article about crushing & mixing fresh garlic cloves and extra virgin olive oil together and pour a little in my ear…Also, I read that crushing a little fresh garlic and then putting in my sock will help as well.

Im hoping and taking a chance on the natural way of dealing with these ailments…if it works…then i will be  testimony to some people who are willing to try use a more natural ways of doing things…I will keep you all updated… 🙂

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

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