Oh How I Would Love to Do Some Things in Peace…

While being pregnant with my first child, I never thought that getting some private time in would be so bad. I mean, all i had to do was leave her in her bouncy seat and take a quick shower. But oh boy, when I had my second child, things change even more drastically. By this time, she was walking -everywhere and he was crawling.

As parents, we want and need some private time! We love our children and will always want whats best for them. At the same time, for us to save some sanity, we have to take time for ourselves. It’s important for single parents, but seems a little more important for people in relationships, or marriages because too much time not focused on why youre together in the first place can lead to you ending what you had to begin with as well.

Things “I Would Love to Do in Peace” for starters is 1. Go to the bathroom in peace(without having a head peep through the door, “So…Mommy, what ya’ doing?” and eat my food in peace without having “Hungry Eyes” give me the guilty look for not sharing off my plate what i have already given them…

Why do kids think everything looks better off mommy and daddy’s plate? 🙂

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

This is my children stalking the food on my plate… 🙂

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