Weight Loss Journey

Dear Random People,

What does health mean to you?

It means living life, no more insulin shots, running fast without losing my breath, and loving shopping without getting discouraged that i cant fit into clothes the way i want to fit into them.

About 2 weeks ago, my reality was checked really quick. Im a diabetic with uncontrolled blood sugars who thinks that i can eat whatever and still get by with life with no worries. I was more than wrong. I hadnt had a A1C done in over 9 months, took my insulin, and didnt check my blood sugar as often as needed. When i finally had a A1C done, my score was about a 12. That is horrible, it should be about a 6 or 7 for diabetics. I had more testing done to show that i had high cholesterol and that i had protein in my urine, which put me in stage 2 kidney damage. That was my reality check. I began to think about my mother, her being on dialysis, and being so immobile to live a little longer.

I made the change to change what im eating, how much i exercise, and how i manage my diabetes. I plan to do my follow up appointments with my regular doctor and visit a Endocrinologist. He will let me know, based on how my body is responding to the new insulin(Novolog), diet, and exercise, if im a true Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic. The results  from my first check-up showed that i may not be a Type 1 after 4 years of only taking Lantus. 🙂 Which left my doctor scratching her head in disbelief.

I want to live longer, stay far away from dialysis clinics, run like my life depends on it -which it does, and eat foods that are beneficial to me meaning less processed foods and more fresh foods.

My plan for this weight loss journey is to document how well Im doing, share recipes that i”ve tried, and even share moments where i feel like giving up.

Interestingly enough, i got discouraged a few days ago. I have changed my diet and walked/jogged more….and i’ve GAINED weight! How does this happen? I havent cheated because dying early keeps me motivated enough to do the right thing at this point. I wake up faithfully early in the morning and walk…and today I jogged more than I walked. 🙂

Also, im finding that reading the back of labels are so helpful…these companies are not held accountable for how much SODIUM they are putting in their food. Eating high sodium food unknowingly is doing the reverse of what health changes you have made so far. The product i recently began using was “Gia Russa” low sodium alfredo sauce and spaghetti sauce and i also used ground turkey instead of regular ground beef.

I hope i inspire others to become more healthy as i share my experience…

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

P.S. Im going to share photos to make this experience more personable and even my weight….my shame is shedding away 🙂 Bye bye “Booty-do”, Hello “Kim Kardashian/Beyonce  Body

Current weight: 197 , Height: 5’3

Tired after jogging early in the morning

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey

  1. Back in August i got down to my lowest weight since my 2nd year in undergrad, which was about 179. I thought i was eating too much hummus(so good if you havent tried it 🙂 ). The holidays are here and im really having to balance out my insulin intake with food intake. Thats so awesome that you stopped smoking!!! I dont even know you and im proud of you! I take my mom’s story and try to tell it to everyone. She died in October and she had stage 4 lung cancer which of course could have be prevented. Just keep up the good work and hopefully we both see a huge pay off in the end for sure. Thanks for commenting on my post as well! Much love.. Peace and Blessings.

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