Now Boarding…Round Trip to The Potty

Hello Random People,


If you are a parent ,then you know how long and dreadful some days and nights are while potty training your little “mini-me’s”.

Potty training just doesn’t stop at the potty, us parents have to be prepared for anything that may happen during the day. Always on guard….like its a military mission for your child not to have an accident-especially not in public.

What keeps me prepared, as my child is in the beginning stages of potty training is to ask, then make her go to the potty and try to use it…even when i get a reply in a 3 yr. old voice say “Pee-pee not come back mommy, its not come back….”. I also carry at least 3 pairs of panties and a change of pants. I would even go so far as to suggest a clean pair of socks….because when it rains, it pours-everywhere. 🙂 Another idea that i have been trying -which also works for us-is to get my child up to potty every time i use the restroom- no matter the time, or location.

This is a learning lesson for me in the area of patience. I have to be patient because children didn’t come into the world holding their bowels and neither did we, so i cant expect too much, even if i want it that way, from my child. I have my 3 yr. old also telling me “ugh, be patient mommy” when i need her to come on out from playing with the water faucet(she learns to wash her hands as well), or hurrying up from use the potty. Remember, you will get frustrated and that’s fine, just remember that it is something that will need to be learned. No matter how angry, or frustrated you get because you have to change bed sheets at 2:30 A.M. It’s going to be just fine…Inhale…Exhale…and smile…because they are watching how you react.

Stay tuned for more potty training tales, quotes, and suggestions for beginning mommy’s and daddy’s teaching their big kids how to use the potty! 😉


Peace and Blessings,


Random Mixed Chick



Use sticker charts to demonstrate how well your child has gone to the potty and for how long.

The Cutest Potty Ever!












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