After-Christmas Random Mixed Chick Blog Giveaway!

After-Christmas Random Mixed Chick Blog Giveaway! Do you enjoy reading my blogs and posts? Want to win a gift for yourself for the holiday season? Follow these directions to win…

1. Share my Facebook blog page on your Facebook page and 7Facebook friends page.
2. Your 5 girlfriends and 2 male friends must “LIKE” my page as well.
3. Follow my Twitter page @Randommixedchk (and inbox me your name to prove this was you).
4. Share at least 3 of my blogs from my WordPress page on your Facebook page. Link:
5. Tag my Random Mixed Chick FB page in a status to tell me why you like my blog and why you deserve this gift.

(Retail price for this gift, including shipping if you’re not in my city, is $15.00)

Good Luck to everyone and remember your special and loved!

Peace & Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick ッ

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