Weight Loss Journey Part 5

Happy Friday Random People!

And…Thanks for stopping by my blog to get your “fix” for the week 🙂 I love you.

At any rate, this is my weekly update on my health journey. Recently my SO and I got a gym membership and we have been working our muscle for about a week now. If you have read the beginning posts about my journey, it began with me doing walking and jogging mainly in the park. Then, the holidays came and i was majorly sidetracked. Sidetracked and stressed that i gained weight instead of losing. Hopefully as i pick up where i left off i can get toned and still lose the weight i desire.” I WILL BE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY 150-160 POUND WOMAN!”( I’m having to do a daily affirmation to help the mental as well.)

This week I walked for about 30 min on the treadmill, which burned about 100 calories… that was probably my breakfast that morning. Then, my SO and i kicked it up a notch…i did a little research on my body type and exercises. I researched workouts that would suit a “petite “overweight” woman” and i came up the results of do more weight training with more reps and less weight and not too much cardio, but still some. Yes, i scratched my head and I’m actually still scratching. I figured you were supposed to run all the “fat” off and then do weight training to tone. I’m not sure, maybe this would be a good time to invest in a personal trainer?? The lunges with free weights have kicked my butt!!! Seriously, i feel almost scared to do them for some reason. I’ve been doing a lot of squats, lunges, bicep and triceps exercises, and some exercise to help with what i joked about today called a “kangaroo pouch”. For all the people who don’t know what that is…its a pouch of fat/skin that happens when you have Cesareans. Its personally been a struggle to remove my pouch since 2009. However, 2013 is MY year and the year the infamous “kangaroo pouch” will be removed!

As far as blood sugars and diets: my blood sugars have been stable and go up to about 160 occasionally depending on what and how much i ate, but since its been meat and veggies…it hasn’t fluctuated too much.  This afternoon for lunch, we boiled some spinach, drained it, and then put a little of the Light Bertolli Alfredo sauce in it with grilled chicken breast. It was good, but i was still a little hungry afterwards, so i will need to find some extra “free foods”  that wont do me too much harm. I’m also drinking lots of lemon water as well. 😉 I’m learning if you just leave the breads and pasta alone, then high blood sugars will not be a problem. I have tried the vegetable pasta though and it tasted the same with similar amount of carbs as regular pasta has in it. I believe i don’t need that either.

Now, I’ve told you all that I was planning to buy a couple of workout dvd’s to test out for my readers. My first one will be PhineBody by Phaedra and Apollo from the Real House

wives of Atlanta and i will also try the Black Girls Workout Too video. Who doesn’t want a more shapely derriere? I do! 😀

Well stay tuned for more of my updates and Im hoping to begin to Vlog some of the exercise I’m doing for my favorite readers soon! If you have any suggestions for workouts for a “petite” woman to do, please comment below and point me in the right direction. I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, Hasta Luego !

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick


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