“Train A Child Up In The Way That He Should Go”

“No!!!!, But I dont wanna’!”, exclaimed random child. The mother is thinking to herself, “How embarrassing, let me just make it out the store dear (whatever your Maker’s name is)!”, as she becomes flushed in the face. I’m sure if youre parent, then at least one time you have experienced your child saying that to you-in a public place.  Why is it that kids always want to “act up”, as my parents would say, in public? Do they believe that their actions will go unscathed and be forgettable just because they are around others? Nope. Not at all.


I write this because I have recently had this experience with my “Beans” in a public. It just seems that they know when to turn it on :). I AM the one about speeches-at home, or in my car, especially to my eldest. “Now, when you get in (business name), I want you to behave, say yes maam/sir, and Dont touch anything-that youre not supposed to touch”. There is a 50% failure rate; kids will be kids.

So, here are some ways that you can “train” your child(ren) in a sense before, during, and, after departing from home.


Tip #1: Have a game-plan of what youre going to do if your kids have melt-down. I usually “try” to carry fruit, or some type of snack on hand. Treats do the trick! As long as they are occupied with something when will they have time to do anything else, right? Just bring lots…and if you want to kick it up a notch-healthy treats. I’m going to begin getting my ideas from Pinterest.


Tip#2: Youre at the check-out line at your local grocer….and a melt down is coming? Dont freak out…start playing hand games with your kids. I play “Up High, Down Low” and a tickle game. Who cares if they are hysterical laughing, just as long as they arent hysterical crying, right?


Tip#3: If it has gone way past the snacks and games and they arent feeling that either, then its time to get “let me whisper in your ear” close because were about to have “coming to Jesus(whatever your maker’s name is)” moment nearby. You now to have your strong poker face on(I’m working on it because I give in to soon 🙂 )


Tip#4: Dont take, give rewards. As parents, its so easy to make threats to take items away, but does it ever really work all the time? Nope. I have been there and done this. I recently had this advice given to me, so thats why I feel its so important to share. Rewarding isnt about bribing, its about making sure he/she obeys their parents. Children love to please. If my kids know that doing what I asked them to do gets them a high-five’s, that means the world to them because their deeds have Not gone unnoticed. Of course, youre going to have to up the ante as your children grow.




I hope my tips help with your next meltdown! 🙂




Peace and Blessings,


Random Mixed Chick


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