DIY Food: Healthy Ice Cream

Hello Everyone!

I found this really cute website called Kids Activities Blog. They have all sorts of fun activities for the little one’s to do..traceables, art and crafts, in/outdoor activities, and RECIPES!

My kids love ice cream and sweet treats, so i thought i would try my hand at some homemade ice cream. Not only would I save money, but i could do something fun that they could remember always….awwwww!! ❤

So….I tried with this recipe…i really tried. Second time around will be the charm. 😉

I started by freezing my bananas on wax paper last night. Secondly, I put my bananas in the blender. Now…this was no small feat…I had to end up churning my banana ice cream with a spoon after all. I would highly suggest a food processor for this recipe.The frozen banana didn’t do well with my blender…in fact i thought for sure i would have to buy a new one, so I added a little milk to make it blend with ease. Thirdly, I mixed my cocoa powder and my almond butter(the recipe said peanut butter, but i’m sure you can substitute it depending if your child has allergies) with my banana. Lastly,I put my fresh and healthy ice cream in a sealed container to freeze. I did check on it after 3 hours and its creamy and light tasting!

My kids can hardly for their sweet treat tomorrow!.

Here is the link for you to DIY too! 🙂  Leave me a comment in the box below on how your recipe turns out.

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick



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