Health Journey 2015

Hello Love’s!

Its mid-summer and I am….back at on this health journey once again-because i just cant seem to get it right….or get all these love jiggles tight. πŸ˜‰

What prompted me to come out of stuffing whatever food I pleased down my throat was when i got sick with Strep unknowingly….I had a fever and felt different….decided i would eat something really quick on my lunch break. Guess where i decided to go….? McDonalds, of course! Who doesnt love the good ‘ole $1 menu until payday rolls around again!?! I did- until i threw it up that night. I made the choice to not go back to McDonald’s unless its for water. My lesson was that I had to get Strep just to have a wake up call about my health…. Oh and my blood sugar was spiralling so far out of control.

I had a endocrinologist appointment within the next few days…and was basically given to straight….I needed to make the necessary changes to stay alive- not ust for me…but for my ‘lovies as well πŸ™‚Β  We went over some new medications that could help me lose weight while i diet and exercise. I can tell you now….it definitely suppressed my appetite. My blood sugars have been its lowest ever. I dont look at food the same…it has too many effects that complicate my life if i choose to eat too much of the food or the wrong foods.

Long story in short….I have been exercising by walking at least 2 miles once to twice a day now for 1 month and counting….( I have lacked these past few days because my hamstring has been sore). I even run the stairs…all 8 of them in the park–sometimes. πŸ™‚ I plan to powerwalk in a 5K….I dont care how long it takes πŸ™‚

My goals is to lose weight, but Im not rushing it and im not setting myself of failure either….it took about 5-10 year and 2 kids to put this 50lbs on….and Im going to be patient with my body to allow it to come off.

If youre just starting out or doing it over, no worries were going to get it right together this time! πŸ™‚

My dream body…she looks very toned.

google search image

google search image


I use MapmyRun to track my results

My typical lunch.


Peace and Blessings,

Random MIxed Chick

6 thoughts on “Health Journey 2015

  1. McDonalds did all this? I know I’m a sucker for the hot and spicy. Just typing it makes me want one. You seem determined. Hardest part is staying motivated.

      • I like what you said about not setting yourself up for failure. I think the key is staying motivated. It’s easy to get motivated. I hope you at least got it out your system by eating some junk on your last day lol

      • If you read from years ago when i tried this and i published my progress, i put a # on my weight loss. When i got on the scale, i didnt see it move! I became so discouraged. I gave up and accepted that Im just a mom…and i will lose it when i lose it. I cant live like that now…I even got my kids running shoes and they do the stairs with 5 and 4 years old! πŸ™‚ Im their role model..if they see me eating crazy, then they will follow me. I actually didnt binge on the “last day”…it was somewhere in the middle after i made my kids homemade rice krispy treats for the weekend. LOL

        Everything in moderation πŸ™‚

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