Oracle Reading for “Darling Nikki”

I am so grateful to my friends for allowing me to practice with them with my cards, so for that reason, I have obtained permission to use their readings on my blog and giving them an alias. so let’s get right to it…!

I am still using a 4 card spread: Situation, Obstacles, Recommended Action, and Outcome. She asked her questions and understood that things could change for the reading… I can give possible outcomes.

Question: What direction should I go with the three things that dwell in my heart? (I found out in the end it was dealing with self, family, and career).

Situation: A Blessed Gift: tree radiating light..shining for the world…growth…dark roots underneath…possible unresolved situations…maybe with self that needs attention, but shining through it. (This had to do with self and past family issues). Go and repair things that happened in your childhood…remember who you are.

Obstacles: The Blessing of Creativity: Blue=Calmness(throat chakra=Speaking)…vocalizing her hurts and past..therapeutic….getting it off her chest… 3 butterfly’s= trinity…new beginnings in the 3 things she had questions about… Tree means money, growth, prosperity, water….Stars and hearts= love, spreading love, giving herself love

Recommended Action: The Blessing of Endless Possibilities  : The mother…fish=children, sisters…all needing her… pink=love…the sea is endless

Outcome: A Blessed Season: Beauty, reflection, peace, tranquility, love


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