Envision Your Vision Board

Hello Beauties!

It’s been a while….but I’m back…again 🙂

Of course, I hope that all of you have thought deeply about what you wanted out of life before you expire, yes?

This 2015, I began to think about the places I wanted to visit, live, vacation, and what debt I wanted to come to a Zero balance! It is so easy to envision all the things you want to come to past by simply using the “Law of Attraction”, praying, and envisioning. The key is to wake up looking at the photos beliveing that you WILL do these things very soon! I even added, as you can see, photos of my family attach to where were going-because were going. 🙂 I have always wanted to share those travel experience with my two lovies’ :), so were definitely making it a priority to have passport by late 2015 or early 2016. I cant wait until we add stamps! * jumps up and down on bed*

I encompassed various topics in mine such as: Love & Marriage/Wedding, Local Travel, Finances/Tithing, Career, Health, Car/Home, Helping People, and International Travel.

In Love/Marriage…I definitely want to be happliy married and also to share travel experiences, too. He must not be boring…. Wedding…simple beach wedding…with the lots of orchids and hibiscus’s…

In Local Travel… places that we could go every few months to adventure off to….. Standing in the middle of Times Square in NYC…. Disney Cruise to the Bahamas…Disney Animal Kingdom Vacay’ for my lovies… 🙂


Financing/Tithing….Without tithing, personally for me, I cant tell you what I would have done…..I would love to be debt free…. without student loan debt….I want to be the lender and not the borrower, as my bestie would say 🙂

Career…..this is a tough one…I had my life planned out in 5th grade….I had hopes to be  nurse or vet…the best things about it..is that i have many decades to make this dream happen…I love the feeling of being needed and helping others…its a satisfaction that feels so good. I would love to make money blogging, do speaking engagements about career coaching, being a foster child, and a single mother to encourage others.

Car/Home…yes….ahhhhh… I will have 4 bedroom home and 2 car garage.

Helping People….I would love to focus on the homeless….I will do basic necessities bags…and help them find jobs, have clean clothes, and housing.

International Travel….I have always had a strong desire to visit Egypt…its something about the pyramids that attract me so…. I love the Northern Lights in Alaska as well….. Or go on a Safari ride with my kids in other parts of Africa…or how about Paris *hugs self* so much love 🙂

Always Remember………

You have to speak and believe these things you desire into existence. “I will have the money to pay off every debt”, ” I will have all the money necessary to travel every place I desire”, and “I will have the love that is destined for me to have”. It doesnt stop there…..You have to constantly remind yourself and meditate on what you want.


Please work on your vision board and reply with a photo of what you have been working on! 🙂11796346_910817947701_620909736111648834_n


“Train A Child Up In The Way That He Should Go”

“No!!!!, But I dont wanna’!”, exclaimed random child. The mother is thinking to herself, “How embarrassing, let me just make it out the store dear (whatever your Maker’s name is)!”, as she becomes flushed in the face. I’m sure if youre parent, then at least one time you have experienced your child saying that to you-in a public place.  Why is it that kids always want to “act up”, as my parents would say, in public? Do they believe that their actions will go unscathed and be forgettable just because they are around others? Nope. Not at all.


I write this because I have recently had this experience with my “Beans” in a public. It just seems that they know when to turn it on :). I AM the one about speeches-at home, or in my car, especially to my eldest. “Now, when you get in (business name), I want you to behave, say yes maam/sir, and Dont touch anything-that youre not supposed to touch”. There is a 50% failure rate; kids will be kids.

So, here are some ways that you can “train” your child(ren) in a sense before, during, and, after departing from home.


Tip #1: Have a game-plan of what youre going to do if your kids have melt-down. I usually “try” to carry fruit, or some type of snack on hand. Treats do the trick! As long as they are occupied with something when will they have time to do anything else, right? Just bring lots…and if you want to kick it up a notch-healthy treats. I’m going to begin getting my ideas from Pinterest.


Tip#2: Youre at the check-out line at your local grocer….and a melt down is coming? Dont freak out…start playing hand games with your kids. I play “Up High, Down Low” and a tickle game. Who cares if they are hysterical laughing, just as long as they arent hysterical crying, right?


Tip#3: If it has gone way past the snacks and games and they arent feeling that either, then its time to get “let me whisper in your ear” close because were about to have “coming to Jesus(whatever your maker’s name is)” moment nearby. You now to have your strong poker face on(I’m working on it because I give in to soon 🙂 )


Tip#4: Dont take, give rewards. As parents, its so easy to make threats to take items away, but does it ever really work all the time? Nope. I have been there and done this. I recently had this advice given to me, so thats why I feel its so important to share. Rewarding isnt about bribing, its about making sure he/she obeys their parents. Children love to please. If my kids know that doing what I asked them to do gets them a high-five’s, that means the world to them because their deeds have Not gone unnoticed. Of course, youre going to have to up the ante as your children grow.




I hope my tips help with your next meltdown! 🙂




Peace and Blessings,


Random Mixed Chick


You Didn’t Have Two-Parent Home Either? It’s Okay.

Dear Random People,

This quote I’m using in the beginning seems to be the scripture/statement of my life growing up in a foster home and group home. It’s also from a daily devotional book i found in my mother’s belongings before she passed called Delight Yourself in the Lord…Even on Bad Hair Days.

“Love, Hope, and Faith”

“Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character, and character, hope. And Hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.” Romans 5:3-5

“So often we hear people say things like, ‘I would never have asked for this to happen to me, but i wouldn’t change a thing because it made me who i am today.” That might sound trite, but the insinuation is that the person appreciates who she is today. For a Christian, that means she sees God’s hand in her life. She has hope for a God-ordained future. That kind of hope wont disappoint us. It eventually rises to the surface, despite any suffering we experience, if we persevere and allow our sufferings to build our strength and character.”- excerpt from Delight Yourself in the Lord…Even on Bad Hair Days

I write this today because a very close person to me mentioned my past to me today…apparently I was SUPPOSED to be sad, hurt, and offended. Anyone that i meet in life, I hope i do not give them a perception of “woe me, or pity me”…thats far from how i would like to be seen.

My past may not be like your past…we all vary from life to life. That is what makes our character, hence my scripture and statement. I grew up with my brothers in a single family home which moved to an almost promising life when my mom married my stepfather. Things turned for the worse…and my brothers and were in the state’s custody. We were placed with family, then in a not so good foster home, and then finally to my humble abode…”le group home”, which is basically what is sounds like..a home for a group of kids, who more than likely were like me, needed therapeutic attention, or some were just misbehaving juveniles. We all walked different paths though. Some came out of it, while some wallowed in their struggles.

I felt anger, sadness, confusion, guilt, and any other kind of emotion you can fathom a 12 year old feeling, who also had been playing the role of parents to younger siblings. I missed my mom and dreamed of having a the two-parent household that you saw on television..but that just wasnt my reality. First life lesson: You dont always get what you want, but be satisfied with what you have. What i had was wonderful family who picked us up on holidays, i got to be with my friends ALL DAY LONG! It wasnt the life, but in a sense it WAS THE LIFE! 😉 I didnt have to fight with my parents about spending time with my friends. Plus, some of those same friends are STILL my best friends to this day. I would never want to change that EVER. When i finally moved to a different state, i was able to see many colorful cultures! My eyes opened to different races and ethnic groups. I love learning about people and their culture. My 2nd high school did just that for me.

I cant say that being taken away from my parents was the BEST thing that happened to me, but it gave me character and values that some people lack. I gained perseverance; which helps me in certain life situations, but also hinders me because i dont know when to stop trying. I gained serenity. That was big for me because i cried every day and night in the foster home i was in. I just didnt want to be there. Praying gave me peace to deal as long as i could deal. I gained courage. I try my best to fight my battles head on, even if I’m scared because knowing what my past was like gives me hope for the future. I made it through that. 😉 Lastly, it gives me power. I can be that shoulder to someone who is or has gone through what i went through and comfort them when they are feeling emotionally drained and tired.

Have you had a similar experience of living without your parents or family? I want to hear your story and help it empower others! Comment below please! 😉

Peace and Blessings,
Random Mixed Chick

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Peace & Blessings,

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Good Guy Vs Bad Guy (Part 1) (Meet the Bad Guy Bishop)

great short story, cant wait for the ending! Good Job

Coffee Brown Brother

Nicole is your everyday hard working woman. She is 24 years old fresh out of college with a Bachelors degree in nursing. Nicole has always been the type of young woman to work hard for her dreams and now that she has graduated college with very little dating after the break up with her high school sweetheart she has now decided to think about working towards a family. She decides to go out with a few girlfriends looking to have a couple of drinks. After a few drinks Nicole and her friends began to get on the dance floor. They have this way of communicating to each other when an unattractive guy walks behind one of them looking to dance. Nicole and her friends danced, sung along with the music, and laughed as they turned down numerous guys that approached them looking to dance. One guy approached Nicole and began…

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The Good ole’ American Flag and Freedom

Dear Random People,

You know usually i wouldnt be as happy to celebrate…wait that’s too strong of a word..simply partake sounds better to my ears…Now as i was saying, usually i wouldnt be as happy to partake in the July 4th festivities, but this year feels different. You ask how different, eh? Well, this year is the election year. I have the choice to vote or go “Jehovah Witness style” and just not vote at all. Does anything really change, anyway? Plus, I’m growing older and feeling the urgency to understand the laws of the land now even more. You wont be saw as a fool if you know the law,  your word choice, and how you articulate your thoughts when the time is right and needed.

As i visit all the HIStory teachings from myASU (HBCU) in my mind, i have to wonder, are we really free, or are we still as slavish just  as those “Adidas Shackle Shoes’? The better reason for attending an HBCU is at least you will get some fresh perspectives on what really happened instead of the narrow history that has been taught as a brainwashing mechanism to keep us under the influence of ignorance.

As close friend of mine said, ” these rules are made for those who created them to break them.” Sounds about right to me, wouldn’t you say?


You know i love thoughts, so spread your intelligence so we all can have a share! 🙂

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

Be Confident in Your Skin Without Changing your Complexion

Hello to All my Random People,

Today’s blog is about this Rihanna photo cover on the Vogue magazine cover… I mean, something is up. This has been a trend since i have known it to be a trend. Beyonce has been a repeat offender of this act as well. There are  two possibilities present: Either Ms. RiRi hates the skin she was born in, or Vogue is behind this.

It just becomes a time when you have to stand-up for what you believe in. Or maybe all the offenders don’t believe in anything.  She is in America, of all places ,which  is notoriously known for being racist and prejudice in the past, present, and might as well say future….. but you dont say anything to the photographer who is editing your photo to be a more” paler” woman on this cover? I sometimes feel like a tiny part of the people who participated  with action in the  Civil Rights  movement was in vain, especially when you dont speak up , or decide to use “whitening cream” to lighten your skin. Who invented that crap anyway??(Rhetorical question 😉 ) What was there fight for back in the day? Equality- which if “Vogue” or any other cover was equal, they would let this “Caribbean/African” woman grace the cover in a natural hairstyle instead of blonde and with clothes to accentuate and compliment her beautiful skin tone and stand for the “Black Power” that her ancestors fought for long ago, just to name a few.


Do you agree with the paler skin just to get notoriety in the public eye? I love your thoughts, so write on!

As always”Like” me on FB and comment on my post please 😉

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick