Weight Loss Journey Part 4

Hello Random People,

So….I haven’t written anything about my weight loss or healthy eating change in about a month. I have been watching what i have been eating and  limited my exercise regime.

I haven’t given up on my goal. I believe that i mentally was expecting too much in the beginning. Losing weight just doesn’t disappear that easily. It felt like I was doing everything correctly, but i began to gain weight. I have had at least two people tell me that my body may be retaining water now that my diabetes are more controlled and that my body is regulating itself–even if that means my weight not going down right away.

It is the new year and i plan on getting a gym membership with my honey’ 🙂 Everyone could use a little man inspiration from time to time. Until then i will continue posting how im doing on my journey and some recipes that i like. 🙂

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

Food Idea:

Random Mixed Chick Guide to Cooking Fresh Green Bean’s

1. Snap the ends off of your fresh green beans.
2. Wash them 2-3 times. Why? Usually when you by fresh they arent in a bag already and people could have touch them. Keep it sanitary. 🙂
3. Place fresh green beans in a small pot to boil for about 4-5 min to soften a little and to keep a little crunch.
4. After they have boiled, place the green beans in a small skillet. Use about a teaspoon of olive oil to drizzle over beans. Also, add your fave seasoning… i prefer lemon pepper and black pepper. 🙂
5. Sautee for bout 3 minutes and enjoy!

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Weight Loss Journey Pt 3

Hello Random People,

So, this week has been a great one. I went to my diabetes doctor to show off how good my blood sugars were doing. I’m awesome & was told i was doing a better job than the last time! 🙂 Then, i found this super cool site called “My Fitness Pal” . Love it! Im a frugal chick and dont mind buying generic foods…so guess what?? It has all my generic brand foods. 🙂 Super happy about that. I was advised to watch my calories and have actually been under my calories, now that i’m seeing the numbers. It tell me how much my daily limit is for y weight and how much i want to lose. I suggest this website to anyone who is on their weight loss journey as well.

Another great thing of discussion is this movie called “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” that is about juicing your way to weight loss and a much healthier life. This man was on medications too. This gives me inspiration to juice, when i buy a blender or juicer. Ive tried a detox cleanse and liked it, where i blended fruits and veggies. The prices of these juicers are cheap either, but I’d rather think of it as a long term investment for my life by getting all the “micro-nutrients”  my body needs. I wonder if i begin juicing and slowly diverting from processed foods, will i ever look at them the same again and will i ever go out to eat with knowing this food is doing absolutely for me? Possibly.

As far as weight loss, I can actually say on only lost a 2 ounces…not excited about that, but will keep up with what i doing. Remind yourself, as I am as well, that it didnt take 2 months to get the weight on, so it will take much longer to get off. I’ve had some fall backs….i have to resist the temptation of my kids animal crackers in my cabinet. 🙂

Hope everyone achieve his or her’s goals this week, Amp up your veggie intake and tell me how that has helped your body!

Anyone out there juicing for health and weight loss? I would love to hear your comments and stories.

Current Weight: 196.8 , Height: 5’3

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

“Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” movie free on Hulu


Weight Loss Journey

Dear Random People,

What does health mean to you?

It means living life, no more insulin shots, running fast without losing my breath, and loving shopping without getting discouraged that i cant fit into clothes the way i want to fit into them.

About 2 weeks ago, my reality was checked really quick. Im a diabetic with uncontrolled blood sugars who thinks that i can eat whatever and still get by with life with no worries. I was more than wrong. I hadnt had a A1C done in over 9 months, took my insulin, and didnt check my blood sugar as often as needed. When i finally had a A1C done, my score was about a 12. That is horrible, it should be about a 6 or 7 for diabetics. I had more testing done to show that i had high cholesterol and that i had protein in my urine, which put me in stage 2 kidney damage. That was my reality check. I began to think about my mother, her being on dialysis, and being so immobile to live a little longer.

I made the change to change what im eating, how much i exercise, and how i manage my diabetes. I plan to do my follow up appointments with my regular doctor and visit a Endocrinologist. He will let me know, based on how my body is responding to the new insulin(Novolog), diet, and exercise, if im a true Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic. The results  from my first check-up showed that i may not be a Type 1 after 4 years of only taking Lantus. 🙂 Which left my doctor scratching her head in disbelief.

I want to live longer, stay far away from dialysis clinics, run like my life depends on it -which it does, and eat foods that are beneficial to me meaning less processed foods and more fresh foods.

My plan for this weight loss journey is to document how well Im doing, share recipes that i”ve tried, and even share moments where i feel like giving up.

Interestingly enough, i got discouraged a few days ago. I have changed my diet and walked/jogged more….and i’ve GAINED weight! How does this happen? I havent cheated because dying early keeps me motivated enough to do the right thing at this point. I wake up faithfully early in the morning and walk…and today I jogged more than I walked. 🙂

Also, im finding that reading the back of labels are so helpful…these companies are not held accountable for how much SODIUM they are putting in their food. Eating high sodium food unknowingly is doing the reverse of what health changes you have made so far. The product i recently began using was “Gia Russa” low sodium alfredo sauce and spaghetti sauce and i also used ground turkey instead of regular ground beef.

I hope i inspire others to become more healthy as i share my experience…

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

P.S. Im going to share photos to make this experience more personable and even my weight….my shame is shedding away 🙂 Bye bye “Booty-do”, Hello “Kim Kardashian/Beyonce  Body

Current weight: 197 , Height: 5’3

Tired after jogging early in the morning