My Love Patches….Part 2 <3

Hello Beautiful One’s

So, Im still showing major love to these “love patches” of mine! 🙂

I definitely wanted to keep my lovely readers up to date with my hair growth progress. I went back for my 2nd dermatologist appointment yesterday and …..1/3 of my spots are gone!! The injections and Biotin vitamins( I failed to mention this on the first post). 

Only 2 more spots to go.....Yay!

Only 2 more spots to go…..Yay!


I was given more injections in the last two spots. Also, I was prescribed Rogaine for Women, so that my hair growth isn’t delayed. Im so excited for the new hair growth. 🙂 I was assured that even though this is an autoimmune disease,  I wouldn’t always have Alopecia Areata….as long as I avoid stress. I am super psyched for more hair growth because I want to try highlights again…a little change never hurt anyone, right?

I am due back in one month and will definitely keep you all updated! 🙂

How do you avoid stress? If you have it, how do you handle having Alopecia? 

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Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick


Bye Bye Flat Iron’s and Creamy Crack & Hello Olive Oil and Water

Natural hair is trending as of now!

I can now say i have been relaxer free since December 2011 and the last time  i flat ironed my hair was for my undergrad graduation in May 2012. I like the way my hair looked and felt being straight but i had a “coming to Jesus moment with myself” and truly looked within and asked “Do i really want to continue damaging my hair with harmful chemicals?” and “How am i going to set examples for my daughter to feel comfortable wearing her natural hair?” I had to make a change.

I remember the first time that i wanted a relaxer was for my 8th grade Valentine’s day dance in middle school. I was confused on how i should wear my hair-being that i’m biracial.  Should i wear my hair curly, a gel-downed forehead swoop  look with a up-do, maybe some crochet braids(yes-they were in when i was a kid)? As you can tell, i had some self-identity issues going on. I didnt know my self so well, let alone how to style my hair and still fit in with everyone else. In high school and college i was in between wearing my hair straight and curly. Going from one extreme to the other, maintaining my grades, and keeping up with a man in college(which you should hardly ever do-that’s another post for another day honey) hair began to break off and then i had to chop some off.  I still continued to wear my hair straight and relaxed.

So…ive gone on a little journey. Not until my last year of college did i really want to just go curly/natural and put down the flat irons and creamy crack. For me , it took taking courses from professors and reading books like “Brainwashed by Tom Burrell” that helped me with my self-identity.  I read in various books that Black people started to loathe their hair back in the day from slavery and it started with the slave masters beating ideas into their head- that unfortunately still exist today minus the physical slave masters. To be seen as equal yo,u have to conform to make other people comfortable-ummm…really? I would figure that African people would love their hair and adorn their head with pretty items instead of  straightening their hair like the majority of us continue to do each day.

Im going natural and educating other people because i feel like its my duty. I must say, i really love at the same time entertaining comments about hair. For  example, I was in a store just in June and the cashier asked me why i was buying coconut oil dressing for my hair? I simply told her that i loved the way it smells and my curls seem to dry out easily if i didnt use something with some grease in it. She began to say(and she was a Black woman-which is sad because she was way older than me and no one educated her about her hair while living in the home of the Civil Rights Movement) that “you dont need that in your hair, thats for folks with nappy hair and if you stay in here long enough you can see some of them walk in with it.” I just had the blankest expression on my face of embarrassment for her. She didnt get the privilege of hearing my professors speak about loving yourself and you hair. I had to inform her that no one’s hair is “nappy” and everyone had beautiful hair. Also, i told her thats what we are conditioned to think about our hair. I entertained it for a minute or so, but some people are too set in their thoughts to change their mindset. By continuing to wear my hair natural/ curly, im making a change  and setting an example for those who want to be natural and those who are not yet. I want to be an example for my daughter and others.

There are numerous benefits to being natural like being able to exercise without my wrap on, i can enjoy dipping my head in the water without fear that im going to look crazy,  i can walk in the rain without the fear in my mind of looking like a chia pet gone wrong, and now i get to try out natural hair products that my hair will benefit from. In the words of Djimon Hounsou in Amistad “Give us Free!” Were are chained and shackled to the idea of what society wants us to look like. Love your hair! 😉

Are you on a journey with your hair? Is your hair more healthy straightened, relaxed, or natural?

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Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick