My Love Patches….Part 2 <3

Hello Beautiful One’s

So, Im still showing major love to these “love patches” of mine! 🙂

I definitely wanted to keep my lovely readers up to date with my hair growth progress. I went back for my 2nd dermatologist appointment yesterday and …..1/3 of my spots are gone!! The injections and Biotin vitamins( I failed to mention this on the first post). 

Only 2 more spots to go.....Yay!

Only 2 more spots to go…..Yay!


I was given more injections in the last two spots. Also, I was prescribed Rogaine for Women, so that my hair growth isn’t delayed. Im so excited for the new hair growth. 🙂 I was assured that even though this is an autoimmune disease,  I wouldn’t always have Alopecia Areata….as long as I avoid stress. I am super psyched for more hair growth because I want to try highlights again…a little change never hurt anyone, right?

I am due back in one month and will definitely keep you all updated! 🙂

How do you avoid stress? If you have it, how do you handle having Alopecia? 

Drop me a comment in the box below 🙂


Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick


Weight Loss Journey Pt 3

Hello Random People,

So, this week has been a great one. I went to my diabetes doctor to show off how good my blood sugars were doing. I’m awesome & was told i was doing a better job than the last time! 🙂 Then, i found this super cool site called “My Fitness Pal” . Love it! Im a frugal chick and dont mind buying generic foods…so guess what?? It has all my generic brand foods. 🙂 Super happy about that. I was advised to watch my calories and have actually been under my calories, now that i’m seeing the numbers. It tell me how much my daily limit is for y weight and how much i want to lose. I suggest this website to anyone who is on their weight loss journey as well.

Another great thing of discussion is this movie called “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” that is about juicing your way to weight loss and a much healthier life. This man was on medications too. This gives me inspiration to juice, when i buy a blender or juicer. Ive tried a detox cleanse and liked it, where i blended fruits and veggies. The prices of these juicers are cheap either, but I’d rather think of it as a long term investment for my life by getting all the “micro-nutrients”  my body needs. I wonder if i begin juicing and slowly diverting from processed foods, will i ever look at them the same again and will i ever go out to eat with knowing this food is doing absolutely for me? Possibly.

As far as weight loss, I can actually say on only lost a 2 ounces…not excited about that, but will keep up with what i doing. Remind yourself, as I am as well, that it didnt take 2 months to get the weight on, so it will take much longer to get off. I’ve had some fall backs….i have to resist the temptation of my kids animal crackers in my cabinet. 🙂

Hope everyone achieve his or her’s goals this week, Amp up your veggie intake and tell me how that has helped your body!

Anyone out there juicing for health and weight loss? I would love to hear your comments and stories.

Current Weight: 196.8 , Height: 5’3

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick

“Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” movie free on Hulu

Weight Loss Journey Cont’…P2

Dear Random People,


Hope everyone had a great holiday full of joy and delight! Well this is my first update post about my weight loss and health change so far.

I have to say it was hard to not eat holiday food. I was strong in the beginning, but fell short once… twice…well just say i kept falling short for the Oreo pie and banana pudding. I always made sure i had enough insulin to cover what i had eaten. If you ate like me this Thanksgiving, then you at ham, turkey(of course!), dressing, greens(the only healthy part about it besides the turkey and ham), baked mac n cheese, cranberry sauce, and pies.

I knew i would fall short even before Thanksgiving came. I felt i wasn’t strong enough to have control just yet. In some people’s cases its control and how much you eat of something….I couldn’t control myself with the sweets. Partly because i steered clear of them at the beginning of my exercise regimen and beginning it wasn’t that far away; i just began it.

My solution: Don’t bring anything unhealthy or that I cant control myself with for the Christmas dinner in a month. Like i said before, my blood sugar cannot and will not spiral out of control again and i will not kill myself. There has to be some control gained.

If you have, or are experiencing this type of situation… then take my solution above until you can handle it. For me its about avoiding the foods until i get better.

One achievement for me this past week is that i continued walking and jogging. Jogging feels easier when i do it in medium spurts. I have to get to a point where I’m able to run around the park trail at least once without stopping…and if i hadn’t mentioned it yet, I’m participating in the Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Run in January 2013! 😉 I’m super excited because this will be the first 5K i would have EVER done and i pray that make it out okay and dont pass out before the finish line. This is a goal and getting control on food intake and continuing to exercise will all help me with my goal.

Here is the link for Atlanta or to find a city near you 🙂

Hope everyone else has a great and productive week!

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick


Current Weight: 195.2 Height: 5’3

This is a small change in weight, but it matters.

It’s only the beginning. “Bye Bye “Booty-do”,Hello “Kim Kardashian/Beyonce body”.

This is the pic from last week because only a few pounds have changed.

Be Confident in Your Skin Without Changing your Complexion

Hello to All my Random People,

Today’s blog is about this Rihanna photo cover on the Vogue magazine cover… I mean, something is up. This has been a trend since i have known it to be a trend. Beyonce has been a repeat offender of this act as well. There are  two possibilities present: Either Ms. RiRi hates the skin she was born in, or Vogue is behind this.

It just becomes a time when you have to stand-up for what you believe in. Or maybe all the offenders don’t believe in anything.  She is in America, of all places ,which  is notoriously known for being racist and prejudice in the past, present, and might as well say future….. but you dont say anything to the photographer who is editing your photo to be a more” paler” woman on this cover? I sometimes feel like a tiny part of the people who participated  with action in the  Civil Rights  movement was in vain, especially when you dont speak up , or decide to use “whitening cream” to lighten your skin. Who invented that crap anyway??(Rhetorical question 😉 ) What was there fight for back in the day? Equality- which if “Vogue” or any other cover was equal, they would let this “Caribbean/African” woman grace the cover in a natural hairstyle instead of blonde and with clothes to accentuate and compliment her beautiful skin tone and stand for the “Black Power” that her ancestors fought for long ago, just to name a few.


Do you agree with the paler skin just to get notoriety in the public eye? I love your thoughts, so write on!

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Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick