My Child Called Me Old…What is “That” Anyway?!? Entering the “30” Club!

Damn…Kids say the darndest thing! <insert eye rolls> I’m not even going to lie…my poor, little heart sunk in my ass for a second….each…and…every…damn…time that I say, “Hey, I’m turning 30”. *Pulls braids* I’m not old, I reply, “I was in my early twenties when i had you….”

I’m not nervous about turning 30 the least bit. Want to know what I’m scared as hell about for real though?!?? Student…fucking…loans! Yep, my time is up. I’m on the fast track to  paying those “things” back ASAP. *groans* Can someone just GIVE me that exorbitant amount in a check already please? LOL

But, seriously…I’m excited. I can say I’m the real deal grown now…I wont seem like the baby out of the group… *Opens arms* I’m welcoming you 30!!


Learning Moments….

I have learned that time isn’t waiting…do all the fun things that your heart has desired~ Live for you~ You can only control yourself…you can’t control BF’s, friends, or husbands/wives~People are going to do what you allow them to do~ Say no sometimes~ Help someone~ Do charity work to remind yourself of humility~Love on your kids or spouse!~ Take lots of bubble baths with wine…yes, lots.~ Research ideas and understand how it’s related to your life~ Take meaningful trips~ Have alone time~ Ladies, wait guys out sometimes…and experience a 1 night stand, if that’s your thing( we will all do it one day)~Tell someone when they are wrong and right~ Love and appreciate your parents or loved one’s~ Choose peace over chaos, but “knuck and buck” if you have too(“ain’t nobody got time for that”)~ Love yourself unconditionally~ Smile…you never know who is watching~  🙂


My list is endless….

These are just some things i started doing later in my twenties, when i decided to stop living for other people and began to live for myself. I’m doing me and doing what I want. It’s so much more peaceful… 🙂

Can we get old together and rich in experiences? 🙂

What life lessons can you reflect on before entering the “30” Club?

Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick



Doing the “Un-Bearable” …Harnessing Your Child

Dear Random People,


Have you seen parents “leashing” or “harnessing” their little one’s? I was first introduced to the idea about 2 years ago when my close friend gave me her Bear Harness she used for her child. I thought it was funny at first….really….im going to leash my child…? Then, I contemplated the idea. “What if i were at the mall and my child decides to run off?”(this by the way has happened and in a hospital as well). My biggest concern was the stares i would possibly get from other people. I also thought, “what would other parents and non-parents think of me?” , but the fact of the matter is, is that this is my child and if he or she feels the need to run off at 2 or 3 years old, at least i know he or she is only few feet away.

This harness is good for mothers who have more than one child, who happens to be a wild child. I like to see anyone try to wrangle toddlers and do various other mommy duties if they arent parents! 🙂 It can be tough and nerve wrecking, I have been there and done that.  Its a security thing i believe. 2012 is not the 80’s, 90’s, or early 2000’s when you could let your child roam freely with little caution. Children’s security is now being compromised. Too many children are being “snatched” up with no known idea of there whereabouts. I plan to protect my mine with my life, even if it means harnessing them. Im going to happily use my harness and ask the snooty parent if they want to try it. 🙂

Have you used a harness/leash on your child? Did you get any crazy looks? Do you think its a horrible idea, or great for children’s security?

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Peace and Blessings,

Random Mixed Chick




The new security….Do they make these in adult sizes? Just kidding…or maybe not.  😛